Publication: Opposing acceleration: the tragedy of resistance in Brazil

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DEFI a le plaisir de vous annoncer que notre collègue Jean-Luc Moriceau a eu son article, co-écrit avec Carlos Magno Camargos Mendonça et Ângela Salgueiro Marques,

"Opposing acceleration: the tragedy of resistance in Brazil"

publié dans la revue Journal of Organizational Change Management, en novembre 2021.

Abstract :

Purpose The study aims to highlight and reflect on resistance to Brazil's illiberal accelerationist politics highlighting alternative possibilities based on affects and forms of relatedness. Design/methodology/approach Drawing on the case of public universities and the arts in today's Brazil, the authors point out a tragedy of resistance (when opposing change fuels its acceleration) and explore a strategy of lines of flight and becomings in the light of Deleuze and Guattari's perspective on acceleration. Findings Alongside an oppositional and reactive resistance, that is caught in a tragedy of resistance, the authors explore an alternative strategy that protects a plurality of life forms and forces and their becoming. This strategy differs from most critiques of accelerationism. Originality/value This strategy of resistance seems more faithful to Deleuze than the accelerationist strategies that claim to be inspired by him. The authors suggest another reading of the often quoted passage by Deleuze and Guattari. While Deleuze and Guattari favor continuous deterritorializations of the flows of desire, accelerationism reterritorializes these flows towards a (often) undesirable future.