Ouvrage_The Magic of Organization

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DEFI a le plaisir de vous annoncer la parution du dernier livre de Jean-Luc Moriceau The Magic of Organization, co-édité avec notre collègue Hugo Letiche (Professeur invité à IMT-BS et Leicester) et Stephen Linstead (The York Management School, University of York), aux éditions Edward Elgar.

La couverture est de Terrence Letiche doctorant de IMT-BS. 

La magie et le magique y sont débattus notamment dans la perspective de la créativité, de l'illusion et des réflexions contemporaines en anthropologie. 
Résumé -Summary :
Exploring magic as a creative necessity in contemporary business, this book clarifies the differences between magic as an organizational resource and magic as fakery, pretence and manipulation. Using this lens, it highlights insights into the relationship between anthropology and business, and organizational studies.

The Magic of Organization looks at our economy and its dependence on magic, as success depends on innovation and creativity to produce the unexpected and amazing; but perhaps also the bogus and deceitful. Exposing the unpredictability of magic, the book reveals clear links between magic and uncontrollable and non-linear ways of organizing. Chapters discuss the double-edged sword of magic: while organizations, economies and finance depend on magical thought and actions for inspiration and surprise, they also fear them; what if the magic is real?

With its clarity on how the turn-to-ontology in anthropology is significant for organizational studies, this book will be an illuminating read for students of creativity and innovation.