Parution_Turn to film: Film in the Business School, aux éditions Brill

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2019/03/15 : Parution du livre : Hugo Letiche & Jean-Luc Moriceau (DEFI), Turn to film: Film in the Business School, aux éditions Brill Sense:
Turn to Film: Film in the Business School offers creative and powerful uses of film in the business school classroom and surveys the pedagogical and performative value of watching films with students. This volume examines not only how film offers opportunities for learning and investigation, but also how they can be sources of ideological poison, self-delusion and mis-representation. Throughout the text, renowned contributors embrace film’s power to embark on new adventures of thought by inventing images and signs, and by bringing novel concepts and fresh perspectives to the classroom. If film often reveals organizational dysfunctionality and absurdity, it also teaches us to understand the other, to see difference, and to accept experimentation. A wide spectra of films are examined for their pedagogical value in terms of what can be learned, explored and discussed by teaching with film and how film can be used as a tool of research and investigation. The book sees film in the classroom as an educational challenge wherein rich learning and personal development are encouraged.

Hugo Letiche est professeur invité à IMT-BS. Charles Egert (LSH) y a écrit un chapitre sur les relations entre mentors et mentees.
La couverture a été réalisée par Terrence Letiche, doctorant du LITEM.